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Improve your pc peformance with this new update. Readers can check out www. If you have five years experience in handset technology and development, you could be the individual who brings the Buzz Lightyear cell phone to the kid market.

Or maybe you could just design a model that deci- phers Donald Duck's intractable rants. Forgot To Put On Pants! With its mirror finish, sleek curves and bold colors, the Vantec Nex5tar 3 stands out from the crowd.


The sturdy drive cage protects your hard drive while the aluminum case effectively draws away the heat, protecting your drive from overheating. D, offering speeds up tn 4BDMhps.

Available in 4 vivid colors [5teel Brey. Dnyx Black. Brilliant Red and Midnight Blue], the NexStar 3 lets you store your personal data in an enclosure that matches your style! Fremont CA B Tel. Of course it's always easy to criticize Microsoft, but it's much more difficult to explain how it could be doing things right. Let's start with the premise that the Windows OS as we know it has to be junked. It was designed all wrong for the modern network-connected consumer and no patch can fix an architecture that was designed around assumptions that turned out to be mostly wrong. Windows XP is basically Windows NT, which was designed at a time when Microsoft was very focused amd sempron socket 754 processor 1.1 0.14 competing with Unix and mainframes for corporate dominance.

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amd sempron socket 754 processor 1.1 0.14 The only networked world that anybody had extensive experience with was one that was contained within corporations and run by IT professionals in a highly controlled environment. If a computer needed to be fixed, upgrad- ed, or connected to a peripheral, that was the IT department's job. Nobody imagined a world in which every consumer would have to be their own IT department supporting home computers connected to a completely open network flooded with a mixture of benign and mali- cious software. As it turns out a modern home computer's security needs are no "subset" of the enterprise, they are an entirely unique problem.

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Selling a stripped down Enterprise OS to consumers instead of an OS designed for consumers has result- ed in much of the Internet turmoil we expe- rience today. Trying to secure Windows as it is with a monthly burst of security patch- es is like trying to hold Jell-O together with rubber bands. Failing to control the flood of problems by simple means, Microsoft has been taking increasingly drastic measures to completely shut down OS functionality that it had previously promoted to consumers and its developer community. What's worse is that Microsoft has thou- sands of brilliant engineers working round the clock to pour more gas on the prover- bial fire. Consumers don't need a bigger, more complicated OS that achieves security through stringent restrictions on their use of the computer.

What consumers need is easy to find in the most popular amd sempron socket 754 processor 1.1 0.14 widely used consumer computers in the world: game consoles.

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The features that make game consoles cheap, ubiquitous, inexpen- sive, secure, and reliable at running the most sophisticated and demanding com- puting applications consumers use games are simplicity and elegance. What consumers need is not more giant, fragile OS features, but less.

Nintendo's GameCube, for example, is secure because it's not attached to a network and has no hard drive to corrupt. It can only run one application at a time, and all appli- cations are published by a single trusted entity on encrypted media.

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There isn't a fat, sloppy OS in the way sucking up resources and obstructing efficient performance. The Xbox has a minimal Windows OS. Any OS services it doesn't include gets shipped as libraries with just the games that need them.

There are no consumer applications that are in widespread use that are more demanding of computing resources than a video game, amd sempron socket 754 processor 1.1 0.14 any solution that works great for games, should work great for all the other trivial applications consumers also use. John If we assume that we can't live without a network or a hard drive, we find that an Xbox also appears to be very secure. Because Microsoft runs a closed network for the Xbox, and nothing can install itself on the hard drive over the network without an encrypted CD published by Microsoft giving it permission.

This may seem restrictive, but there amd sempron socket 754 processor 1.1 0.14 some valuable ideas here that give us the makings for a better consumer OS. If all applications on your computer, including the OS, were encrypted by the publisher, then it's very diffi- cult for a virus or spyware to infect the com- puter because each application would detect that it was corrupted on launch and presum- ably restore itself before proceeding.


If all applications ran in a protected memory sandbox, with access to the file system limited to their own resources, then it would be very hard for a malicious application to do any damage to a computer. This is basically the security feature that languages like Java achieve in software. In- tel processors support this kind of sandboxing in hardware, but Windows does not make full or correct use of it to amd sempron socket 754 processor 1.1 0.14 your computer. Properly hardware sandboxed you could browse and install software freely without worrying about damage to your computer or getting infected with software you couldn't easily remove. The fact that today Windows can't tell if it's corrupted and doesn't know what applica- tions it has installed or how to remove them cleanly is a major design flaw for consumers.

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In a hardware sandboxed environment, you wouldn't need a firewall because software couldn't install itself secretly and run all the time on your computer.AMD SEMPRON SOCKET PROCESSOR DRIVER DOWNLOAD - Professional technology brings digital photos and video files to life with rich. AMD Sempron (Socket ) Processor Driver BIOS driver download from brothersoft drivers.

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