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To follow that up, we grabbed a fleeting opportunity to take a look at a retail version of the card. API Supported. DirectX 9.

Core Clock. Show comments Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. RTX Memory Frequency.


Radeon X Radeon X Radeon X Pro. ATI Technologies Inc. Find us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter.


IceQ cooling technology The IceQ cooling system draws cool air from inside the case and exhausts warm air outwards. Pixel filling power All ati radeon x850 xt the clock speed and pixel pipeline numbers that ATI is juggling to achieve its ideal product mix also determine overall performance.

ATI’s Radeon X850 XT graphics cards

Few of these cards achieve anything like their peak theoretical fill rates when applying only one texture per pixel, but they do much better with multitexturing. Note that the Radeon X XT is just a tad slower than the X Platinum Edition, despite the fact that they share the same core and memory clock speeds. ati radeon x850 xt

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The R chip may be a little bit slower clock for clock, or it may have more relaxed memory timings. We figured this effect would be fairly shader intensive, so we wanted to test it separately from the rest of the game. ati radeon x850 xt


It combines a number of effects, including reflective water and the flashlight, with a lot of running around in simple, dark corridors and a few outside areas. Half-Life 2 — Airboat Battle In this demo, Gordon is doing battle with a helicopter while running around in an airboat. Far Cry — Pier The Pier level in Far Cry is an outdoor area with dense vegetation, and it makes good use of geometry instancing to populate the jungle with foliage. Things change in the Volcano demo. The GeForce Ultra is clearly faster until antialiasing and texture filtering come into play, and then ati radeon x850 xt X cards pull even. Two of those motherboards are nForce4 boards, but the third is an AGP system. Some folks have pointed out that different models of graphics cards may vary with respect to the amount of voltage going to the graphics chip or memory.

Of course, the X XT PE runs at higher clock speeds and thus consumes ati radeon x850 xt more power, but we should still be able to see the benefits of dynamic clock gating on the X XT PE. Those clock speeds actually produced some artifacting and, eventually, a lock up, but not before I got a benchmark score out of it:. Privacy Policy. S-Video, composite video.

VGA Legacy MKIII - ATI Radeon X XT

Digital Video Standard. Video Video Output. Subscribe to HH News Alerts! Email Address.

Interestingly, at 1,x1, resolution, both ati radeon x850 xt turned in identical Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. The rest of the games are basically a wash with the exception of Doom 3 and Half Life 2. Samlind 15 years ago I shop at Newegg all the time, and I blocked it.

Radeon X XT Platinum Edition - Page 1

Samlind 15 years ago Damage, I really understand. Thresher 15 years ago I keep getting ActiveX errors here at work. Very annoying. PerfectCr 15 years ago Ad block extension and all your problems are solved!

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Shining Arcanine 15 years ago Only with a few tabs open do I have performance issues on my other computer. Hance 15 years ago this is wonderful.

Follow Us Today!The Radeon X XT was a graphics card ati radeon x850 xt ATI, launched in December Built on the nm process, and based on the R graphics processor, in its. ATI'S HIGH-END RADEON X CARDS have been reasonably successful by most measures. The technology is solid and, although a little.

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