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To obtain the best network performance from a Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit adapter, though, you may have to optimize advanced settings for the card in Windows.

This is considered client broadcom ethernet 57xx balancing and not traffic load balancing. When the intermediate driver detects a significant load imbalance between the physical adapters in an SLB team, it generates G-ARPs in an effort to redistribute incoming frames. It is important to understand that receive load balancing is a function of the number of clients that are connecting to the system through the team interface. SLB receive load balancing attempts to load balance incoming traffic for client machines across physical ports in the team.

G-ARPs are not broadcast because this would cause all clients to send their traffic to the same port. As a result, the benefits achieved through client load balancing would be eliminated and could cause out-of-order frame delivery. This receive load balancing scheme works as long as all clients and the teamed system are on the same subnet or broadcast domain. When the clients and the system are on different subnets, and incoming traffic has to traverse a router, the received traffic destined for broadcom ethernet 57xx system is not load balanced.

The physical adapter that the intermediate driver has selected to carry the IP flow will carry all of the traffic.

The system software stack generates an ARP reply with the team MAC address, but the broadcom ethernet 57xx driver modifies the ARP reply and sends it over a particular physical adapter, establishing the flow for that session. The reason is that ARP is not a routable protocol.

Driver Details

Broadcom ethernet 57xx does not have an IP header; therefore, it is not sent to the router or default gateway. ARP is only a local subnet protocol. The only way that the router would process an ARP that is intended for another network device is if it has Proxy ARP enabled and the host has no default gateway.


This is very rare and not recommended for most applications. Since routers do not alter the source and destination IP address, the load balancing algorithm works as intended. One physical router is the active interface while the other is standby. In addition, each physical adapter in the team uses the same team MAC address when transmitting frames. This is possible since the switch at the other end broadcom ethernet 57xx the link is aware of the teaming mode and will handle the use of a single MAC address by every port in the team. The forwarding table broadcom ethernet 57xx the switch will reflect the trunk as a single virtual port.

In this type of team, the intermediate driver controls load balancing and failover for outgoing traffic only, whereas incoming traffic is controlled by the broadcom ethernet 57xx firmware and hardware. The Link Aggregation LACP must be enabled at both ends of the link for the team to be operational.

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If LACP is not available at both ends of the link, Because manual aggregation provides for the activation of broadcom ethernet 57xx member link without performing the LACP message exchanges, it should not be considered as reliable and robust as an LACP negotiated link. LACP automatically determines which member links can be aggregated and then aggregates them. It provides for the controlled addition and removal of physical links for the link aggregation so that no frames are lost or duplicated. The removal of aggregate link members is provided by the marker protocol that can be optionally enabled for Link Aggregation Control Protocol LACP enabled aggregate links. LACP and marker protocols use a multicast destination address.

The Link Aggregation control function determines which links may be aggregated and then binds the ports to an Aggregator function in the system and monitors conditions to determine if a change in the aggregation group is required.

Ethernet Network Adapters

Link aggregation combines the individual capacity of broadcom ethernet 57xx links to form a high performance virtual link. The failure or replacement of a link in an LACP trunk will not cause loss of connectivity.


The traffic will simply be failed over to the remaining links in the trunk. This type of team is supported only for situations in which the network cable is disconnected and reconnected to the network adapter. If any primary adapter assigned to a team is disabled, the team functions as a Smart Load Balancing and Failover broadcom ethernet 57xx of team in which auto-fallback occurs.


All versions are provided as is. Installs the LAN driver version The adapters are available with either two ports or broadcom ethernet 57xx ports and are supported on ThinkSystem and System x servers. This product guide provides essential presales information to understand the NetXtreme GbE offerings and their key features, specifications, and compatibility.

Driver Updates

Your name and email address will not be added to any mailing list, and you will not receive email from Intel Corporation broadcom ethernet 57xx requested. Purpose Installs the LAN driver version Thank You.

Report Offensive Content. To perform a silent uninstall from within the installer source broadcom ethernet 57xx package provides the Broadcom 57XX Gigabit Integrated Controller and NetXtreme C1 NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet PCI-E driver and. This package provides the driver for Broadcom 57XX Gigabit Integrated Controller and is supported on Latitude E5x30, OptiPlex x, x90 and.

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