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Diamond View 1554R

Languages Deutsch English. Replies: 1 Views: Oddba11 Aug 12, at AM. Replies: 14 Views: Replies: 2 Views: If you diamondview scanner not satisfied with the adjustments, you can click the Reset button and the settings will return to the default. Alternatively, you can click the Cancel button to cancel and close the dialog box. To adjust the brightness and contrast more precisely, you can use the Curve and Level function. Threshold button Threshold function is very useful when you scan line art images or scan documents for OCR optical character diamondview scanner use. You may use this function to adjust the quality of line art images or eliminate unwanted dots in the document to improve the accuracy of recognition.

Note: this function is only applicable when you select Line Art as the Image Type. Select the Threshold button, and the Threshold dialog box will appear: The x-axis in the histogram represents the brightness level of the pixels in the image from 0 tofrom left to right. The y-axis represents the quantity of pixels. To adjust the threshold value, drag the triangle below the histogram or enter the threshold value in the Threshold entry box directly. For example: Image 1 Image diamondview scanner Image 1 is the original scanned image, while in Image 2 the threshold value is changed into This means that pixels in the image with brightness level below 56 will all be cut into black, and those with brightness level above 56 are all turned into white.

Therefore, you will find that by setting a lower threshold value, some details are lost in the new image. However, if there are many unwanted dots in an image, you can eliminate them. When you have finished with the threshold adjustment, you can click OK to confirm, or click Cancel to abort and exit the dialog box. Otherwise, you can click Reset button and the settings will return to the default Invert button You can click the Invert button to get an inverted or negative image: Original image Image after Invert is applied Mirror button You can click the Mirror button to get a mirror reflection effect on the original as if you were viewing the image in a mirror: Original image Image after Mirror is applied Rotate button You can rotate the selection area easily with this button.

For example, if the original scan is not aligned correctly, you can use this function to correct the tilt. After you preview the photo, adjust the selection area to approximately encompass the photo. Then click this button to display the Rotate dialogue box: You can drag the slider to rotate the image manually or click the Auto button to let Diamond View align the image automatically. You can also enter the rotation angle in the Angle entry box directly.


Original image Image aligned by clicking Diamondview scanner When you have finished with the rotation, you can click OK to apply, or click Cancel to abort and exit the dialog box. Otherwise, you can click Reset button to reset the angle.

Diamond View G - Mitsubishi Electric

The Auto function applies only to reflective originals with rectangular edges e. The rotation angles that diamondview scanner available can be limited by the size and position of the selection area.

Auto button After you preview an diamondview scanner, you can press this button to open the Auto dialogue box: Auto Crop Click this button and the Diamond View driver will crop the scan area automatically and select only the necessary size for scanning the image. Auto Descreen Clicking this button will detect and apply an appropriate descreen value for scanning. Auto Type Click this button to detect the image and choose an appropriate image type automatically. diamondview scanner


When you have made your selectionyou diamondview scanner click OK to confirm or Cancel to abort and exit. Status Area The Status Area provides information of the image you are working on: Pixel Display Box This box displays the colour of the pixel that the mouse cursor is currently pointing to.

Learn more about this bundled software and make your scanned photographs and other images more interesting and colourful! Introduction Welcome to Photo Express, the new cool tool for expressing your creativity diamondview scanner pictures of your family, friends or anything else! Photo Express is the ultimate tool for adding that extra spark of life to your photos - it gives you the power to take ordinary, everyday pictures and turn them into high-quality works of art. Photo Express brings a whole new attitude to photo editing. With its professionalquality templates and easy-to-use editing and management tools added to an all new interface, photo editing has never diamondview scanner easier or this much fun.

High-end tools in a home environment put the power of a photo studio right at your fingertips. Repair cherished pictures with powerful touch-up and clone tools.

Realistic paint tools turn any scene into a work of art. Organise and manage all your digitised photographs with Album. Keeping track of your loved ones has diamondview scanner been easier. Use templates to create outstanding calendars, birthday cards, greeting cards, invitations, and much, much more!

Mitsubishi DIAMOND VIEW DV650U driver downloads

The following screen will appear when you start Photo Express.DIAMONDVIEW SCANNER DRIVER - This function is not supported by Windows To replace images in a template: A4, A5, B5 and Letter. No filter Blur Sharpen. DIAMOND VIEW Scanners Models: DVU DVUT Flatbed Scanner User's Manual for Microsoft Diamondview scanner Contents IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS.

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