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Digidesign Digi 002

Still Great. There is also an alternate source input stereo RCA for 2-track monitoring and a headphone jack with adedicated front panel level control. These are high-quality converters that sound very good. The Digi is undoubtedly the coolest portable studio I have ever seen. It offers robust inputs and outputs; nice-sounding mic preamps; excellent sound quality; bit, 96 kHz capabilities; a full-featured and well-designed physical interface; standalone mixer mode with built-in processing; digirack 002 a generous plug-in bundle. And you get all of that digirack 002 just over two grand. If you are primarily a Pro Tools user and you don't want to take the expensive step into TDM-based systems, the Digi is the box for you. I give it two enthusiastic thumbs up. PROS: Excellent sound quality. Capable of bit, 96 kHz resolution. Comprehensive control surface. It is compatible with CD-R, Cassette media.

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Show More Show Less. Components from different places may not always work perfectly together, and one big advantage for is that all of it comes from Digidesign. A wide digirack 002 of studio musicians and audio professionals will find the system very attractive, and it should find a home not only in project studios, but also in pre-production facilities and in smaller recording rooms within larger studio complexes. As with Sessions, Sessions can be easily imported into TDM systems, making it equally useful for project studio owners going elsewhere to mix and for studio complexes with 'big' Pro Tools in a main studio.

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Digi should also find a ready supply of buyers not only in Pro Tools newcomers, but in digirack 002 owners who will see thewith its hands-on controller and other enhancements, as a tempting prospect. It's certainly tempting these two owners!


It's hard to match facilities precisely at a comparable price. Or you can get the software and the audio interface from one manufacturer, but buy a MIDI controller elsewhere. We couldn't spec a comparable system for the same or less digirack 002 than theand the digirack 002 of alternatives tended to be several hundred pounds higher.

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Digirack 002 don't guarantee that all the bits are compatible! Digital Mixer Mode Switching the into stand-alone mode turns it into digirack 002 assignable desk with a useful feature set. Alternatives It's hard to match facilities precisely at a comparable price.

Digidesign Digi Rack

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The Digi 's control surface had its chance to really shine during the mixing process. I had one week to design and create digirack 002 mixes for 30 cineractives short, linear movies that appear throughout the game to move the story along. Because of the short timeline, I was editing sound effects and ambiences and recording Foley directly into the same sessions that held the music and dialog stems. The Digi performed like a champ, allowing me to track, process, and mix almost simultaneously. After I had worked with it for a while, I refined my mixing style to best take advantage of the control surface: I would rough in a mix by moving the faders until everything sat fairly well, digirack 002 write an automation pass. Next, I played through the mix, finding any area that needed refinement.

Finally, I would select that region and move the faders during playback to overwrite the previous automation for that section. At no time did I pay any attention to levels or meters, other than to digirack 002 sure that the master fader's levels were hot without clipping. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. Browse Search.

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Field Test: Digidesign Digi 002 Rack

Free Returns. Returns Accepted. Authorized Seller. While LE retains all the elegance of the Pro Tools user interface it does, of course, have some limitations when compared to a top-of-the-range Pro Tools digirack 002. Aside from reduced audio track counts, one obvious limitation is the lack of surround digirack 002 support.


Given that the likes of Logic and Cubase SX both now include good software support for surround sound mixing, I do wonder how much longer Digidesign will be able to leave this out of LE. Digi Rack™ is a FireWire-based Pro Tools LE™ system that offers all of the integrated audio/MIDI I/O facilities of the Digi ® system digirack 002. Support for macOS Sierra ; Also supports Mac OS X, and ; Support for Rack and Console; Digi Console and.

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