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Figure 17 3 — Now, you can add the device and start to perform the range test. As an example, digi x-ctu out this Arduino example code for the XBee Series 3 on the wireless joystick.

For more detailed information regarding the differences, check digi x-ctu the XBee 3 Documentation. Migration Guide Hardware Reference Manual.

  • Get started with XBee Python library — XBee Python Library documentation
  • Download and install XCTU
  • Uninstall and Remove Digi XCTU Step by Step
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digi x-ctu For the explorer's, locate the RSSI jumper on the back, and cut the trace between the pads with a hobby knife. Favorited Favorite 95 Wish List.

Exploring XBees and XCTU -

Favorited Favorite 48 Wish List. Digi x-ctu Favorite 50 Wish List. Favorited Favorite 1 Wish List. Favorited Favorite 4 Wish List. Favorited Favorite 20 Wish List. Favorited Favorite 19 Wish List. Favorited Favorite 15 Wish List.

Heads up! If you're using an Arduino, another option available is the XBee Shield.


The XBee router module acting as an digi x-ctu device will be connected to the sensor setup and will perform the required measurements. Oh, thanks! I suspect what John is alluding to here is that different devices have different behaviors in this circumstance. In most cases for a battery powered zigbee device this will cause it to choose a new parent if the selection of repeaters is different then the first time it joined. Once you are finished, you will be notified that the firmware was successfully flashed. Click OK to continue on. Make sure to update the firmware on all the XBee nodes in your network with the same protocol.

Otherwise, you will have issues sending data throughout your network. Why is an important Meta post tagged [featured] not showing in "Featured on…. A window like the one below will appear, showing the different functions and the different COM ports detected. If the list is still empty, go to the corresponding product manual for your devices. In addition to the LED digi x-ctu, you can check the IP address assigned to the module by reading the MY parameter and verifying it has a value different than 0.

Once the message is digi x-ctu, the receiver XBee module must receive it. When XCTU is finished reading the device parameters, complete the following steps according to your device type.

Exploring XBees and XCTU

If the digi x-ctu module is not listed, reboot both devices by pressing the Reset button of the carrier board and try adding the device again. If the list is still empty, digi x-ctu the product manual for your device. Send Email. Mon-Fri, 9am to 12pm and 1pm to 5pm U. Mountain Time:.


Chat With Us. Is your project being dragged down by wires?XCTU is a free, multi-platform digi x-ctu compatible with Windows, MacOS and to interact with Digi RF modules through a simple-to-use graphical interface.

XBee X-CTU tutorial Libelium

May digi x-ctu, - Step 2: Download and install XCTU. This section contains download and install instructions based on operating system. XCTU is compatible.

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