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The parts list for that model indicate that it comes with a Broadcom wifi card. I did not drop the laptop top or anything. I don't think there is any physical damage. Either a use the services of an HP affiliated company in witch case only the motherboard will hp dv900 wireless me about euros, or 2. I buy the motherboard my self and let the local change it. My questions are: Is it the problem caused by teh video card?

If it is, how I can find the part number of my matherbord? And, those motherbord that I cadn find on the internet, are they reliable? Is it posible ther are used hp dv900 wireless, rather the new ones?


Sounds like a problem with the video chip. The video chip is integrated into the motherboard and cannot be removed or replaced separately. Is it the problem caused by the video card? The best way to find a new motherboard is searching by the HP spare part number. In most cases HP places a sticker in the memory compartment and the motherboard part number can be found on that sticker. The part number will look similar to this: You might have different digits in this string but it will be the same format: XXXXXX Find the part number and google it. Depends on hp dv900 wireless you buy the motherboard.

Thank you very match!

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To repair the dv would have cost me far more than buying a new PC but this own thing made me feeling very strange, other people with the same Laptop reported very similar problems and many of the machines were send back to HP for this reason, just 3 months after the warranty was run out. To be quite honest HP has lost me hp dv900 wireless a customer I have my nose full. I really doubt that you can buy this clip separately.

I guess you can search for a dead motherboard on eBay if you can find any and pull hp dv900 wireless clip from the bad board. I am going to sell my broken laptopwhich does not turn on anymore, but I want to take out all the personally information. I want to physically remove the drive that contains personal information.

How to disassemble HP Pavilion dv – Inside my laptop

What do i need to do in order to remove all my personal information from my laptop before I sell it as a broken laptop. I am just nervous if I sell it for someone to use as parts they hp dv900 wireless be able to access my personal info.

So, all I need to do is just remove the hard drive as shown above correct? Then destroy it. Also, The computer no longer turns on. Yep, but instead of destroying the hard drive you can use it with another computer. Hp dv900 wireless an external USB enclosure and install the hard drive into this enclosure.

After that connect the enclosure to any other working computer and you get an external hard drive. Why would you destroy the hard drive hp dv900 wireless you still can use it?


I may do that. But if I remove the hard drive and leave the hard drive caddy will that remove all of my personal information.

Fix “Unsupported wireless network device detected. System Halted” Error

Also, I can do this by following your instrauctions above, correct? Theo, Yes.


All personal information is written on the hard drive. If you remove the hard drive hp dv900 wireless can safely sell the laptop.Wireless capabilities. IEEE b, IEEE g, Bluetooth. Notebook type. Desktop replacement ( + lbs.) Screen type. Widescreen.

Laptop Driver: HP Pavilion DV Windows 7 Drivers

Manufacturer. HP. Solved: I am trying to fix my brother-in-law's old laptop and it is having issues with the WiFi (it usually doesn't work but occasionally does).

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