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6922 Tube Review - 17 Top 6922 6N23P E88CC CCa 7308 E188CC tubes

Location: San Diego, Ca. I'd go with what ever Kevin Deal says. The Golden Lions works, hp 6922 et are my 2 choice for a 12AX7.


I prefer CV's as they give me the mid warmth hp 6922 et these old ears crave. Please pardon me if I have crossed the line of civility. Logged jea48 Jr. Cheers Steve Quote Steve said: As far as transconductance being reduced, reduced transconductance will increase the plate resistance, thus lowering the high frequency response. For their ruggedness I use EH tubes for hp 6922 et input and driver tubes.

ELOP®+ Stereo Limiter Compressor — Manley Laboratories, Inc.

One matched pair low noise per channel. The input and driver tubes for each channel have to be biased.

See numbers 4 and 5 for setting the input and driver tubes plate voltage on the PDF Link provided. December 21st, hp 6922 et This tube was also widely used in Tektronix oscilloscopes and other industrial test equipment needing wideband signal amplification.

These tubes can tend hp 6922 et be microphonic, so careful selection needs to be considered if using them in high gain stages. This is a frame grid tube, meaning the grid wire is wound around a tiny framework. The grid wire itself is vanishingly thin These tubes were not originally designed for audio use, but more so for test equipment. Therefore, not alot of attention was hp 6922 et to making this tube as quiet microphonically as possible, and the fine grid wire on the frame can tend to exaggerate the problem, if it exists in the particular tube.


The better Western Europe vintage tubes seem to be the best with regards to low hp 6922 et and low noise. Matching these closer than 5 percent is often difficult, as is the case with most vintage tubes, since quantities are rarely found from the same batch or date code.

micromax a210TELEFUNKEN
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emachines 3240 soundRe: Hp-dv6922-et sound problem
dtv-dvb usb2 dvb-t bda adapter with hidTube experts, help! What’s the real difference between a TELEFUNKEN E88CC and a ECC88?
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This should not pose a problem for any well-designed preamp circuit. NOTE: This is a very popular tube, and supplies of the best vintage examples are becoming very scarce.

Please hit "reload" or "refresh" on your browser to get the latest version of this page. My stock changes rapidly! One day I may be out of most high end vintage types, and a few days later may have a fresh stock. Check this page often. If you must have a certain type over any other, please e-mail me and I can put it on my buying list for you. The GE tubes have an RF hp 6922 et sprayed on hp 6922 et the glass, making the inside look dark. This is NOT an indication of a burned out or used tube. See the next paragraph for this description.

Tube experts, help! What's the real difference between a TELEFUNKEN E88CC and a ECC88?

It is the same tube as a 6DJ8 and often the tube has both type numbers on it. The popular vintage tubes here are those by Telefunken, Amperex, or Mullard. The Telefunken are said to sound the hp 6922 et, and are the most difficult to find of all of these brands. All Telefunken tubes have a tiny diamond shape molded into the glass on hp 6922 et bottom, and have a very chalky ink on the surface which often is partially wiped off. These tubes are being reproduced in China, and look like the real thing, complete with diamond mark.

HPE Support document - HPE Support Center

The tipoff is the label: the fake labels will not wipe off. Same goes for me hp 6922 et the Amperex - it just sounds the best in my buffer - not zingy highs, the midrange is balanced, the bass isn't bloated or slowed down. I agree with the poster that thinks that the Genalex Gold Lion reissues are a very good sounding new production tube.

In my opinion both are exquisite in their sound. However my favorite is the ECC Besonders Rauscharm, Klingarm, besonders Langlebig.


Much of hp 6922 et telephone centrals used tube equipment and for telephone equipment you want a "noise-free" enviroment. A "framed grid" tube is a high amplification mu VHF triode with a slotted frame around the grid to shield part of the grid structure and allow a controlled field of electrons to flow through to the plate. We popped it in my DAC and were immediately impressed with the increase in inner detail and overall resolution. Purchased noise reduction equipment, swapped equipment and tweaked equipment. I've done everything I know of to capture that elusive sound of real, live hp 6922 et. Yes, they are cryogenically treated, tested and matched, etc.

This is it! The letters "CC" indicated the two triodes and the "F", the single pentode inside these types.The AA 1 is 2 channel RAID solution for HP carrier grade servers (cc & cc) to address high availability large scale data storage needs, and is. The tubes made with the plain white label (Amperex, DuMont, Hewlett-Packard, Beckman and others but all labelled "Holland") were made in the same factory.

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