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However, modulation cannot force a value beyond its maximum range.

Alesis QS8.1 and MIDI playback

For example, if the Amp is already at alesis qs8 midi minimum value lowest levelyou could apply positive modulation to raise the level. But applying negative modulation will not affect the Amp level, since it's already at its lowest value and cannot go any lower. Example: If the Amp parameter responds to both the envelope generator and a pedal, the parameter will follow the general envelope shape but will also be influenced by the pedal.


The term LFO stands for low frequency oscillator, and comes from how modulation was created in the early synth days an oscillator set to a low frequency could modulate alesis qs8 midi aspect of the sound; routing the LFO to the pitch, for example, would create vibrato. Each LFO has a waveform shape and speed, along with other controls. Envelopes Envelope generators provide a alesis qs8 midi signal that varies over time, from the time you strike the key until after you let go. There are three independent envelope generators for pitch, filter, and amp in each Program Sound.

Alesis QS8, midi and logic HELP ! - Logic Pro Help

An envelope generator has different effects on different modules. Example: The Amp Envelope creates level changes.

Amplitude that decays over time creates percussive effects plucked strings, drums, etc. Amplitude that increases over time gives the effect of brass, woodwind, and some bowed instruments. Each envelope generator has the standard attack, decay, sustain, and release parameters found on most synthesizers, along with delay, sustain decay, and different triggering options. Alesis qs8 midi is a complete digital signal processing unit with four input buses, simultaneous multiple effects, and flexible signal routing. Effects parameters are edited separately from either the Program or the Mix, using Effects Edit Mode more in Chapter 6.

QS8 midi to PC - Home Recording forums

In Program Edit Mode, each of the four sounds in the Program has its own Effect Level control and can be assigned to any one of the four effect buses. Effects settings, Effect Alesis qs8 midi and Bus information are saved with the Program when you store it back into memory. The Drum Mode parameter is found in the Misc. Function alesis qs8 midi last section of this chapter. However, Drum Mode changes the nature of the VOICE function, allowing you to make up your own drum kit from a selection of over 80 different samples: 7 kicks, 8 snares, 4 hi-hats, 14 toms, 5 cymbals, 31 percussion, 17 percussion effects and 3 synth waves. Plus, there are 44 rhythm beats to choose from pre-sequenced drum grooves.

You can map any of these samples to any note on the keyboard that does not already have a drum assigned to it in that layer. When a sound is in Drum Mode, you can assign 1 0 different drum sounds to 1 alesis qs8 midi different keys in that layer. If all four sounds alesis qs8 midi a Program are placed in Drum Mode, you could assemble 40 drum sounds. Each of the 10 drum sounds has its own set of parameters in each of the functions in the display Pitch, Filter, Range, Effects Level, etc.

You can use the [0] - [9] buttons to select which one of the 1 0 drum sounds to edit in each Function Group [40] - [] buttons. Here is a block diagram of a sound in Drum Mode. Consequently, not all Function buttons will respond when pressed as when Drum Mode is turned off. In addition, the parameters in most other functions will differ. alesis qs8 midi


It is where you choose the particular sample that forms the basis of a sound. To avoid scrolling through long alesis qs8 midi of samples remember, there are 8 megabytes of sounds in here!


After selecting the group, you then select the sound within the group. Turning sounds off is also a alesis qs8 midi way to isolate a particular sound you are editing. Drum Mode allows you to assign individual drum sounds to individual keys. Sound Page 4 Selects one of the available samples by name alesis qs8 midi the selected group, or OFF no sample selected.

Each group has a variety of samples from which you can choose, although some groups such as waves have more samples than others. With up to four sounds per program, this allows for a wide variety of stereo effects and level balances between the sounds. Volume 00 to 99 Page 1 This alesis qs8 midi the overall volume for a sound.

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Alesis qs8 midi pan value is maintained, even if the Output value is changed see below. Note, however, that the sound may still feed an Effect Send.I'm trying to use my Alesis QS8 keyboard as a MIDI controller on my computer using an E-mu Xmidi 1X1 interface and LMMS DAW software. It can play Standard MIDI file sequences from the expansion cards without the use of an external My church has a Alesis QS8 keyboard(It was donated).

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