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I love this DAC!!

Eastern Electric ess minimax sabre tube. I ran the op amps in for hours just to make sure before I did any critical listening. As such, the choice of our components is based on a neutral sound that fit our philosophy and methodology. Ee minimax dac plus you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. As we stated earlier, the recording industry is still struggling with providing and selling bit releases. No one is in a hurry to release anything in bit format.


We will get back to you as soon as possible. Ee minimax dac plus Australia. And as before, though the little EE sounds good right out of the box, it really takes about hours for it to reach peak performance. The answer is definitively no and not by a long shot.

6moons audio reviews: Eastern Electric MiniMax DAC

BalthazarJun 1, I have tried to consciously resist setting them, and yet it happens to every audiophile. A truly fair comparison would be to the stock unit, but a new and improved version besting the previous stock unit is not as much fun. Now it was time for some serious op-amp rolling! Traditional Op-Amp Rolling Ee minimax dac plus dual and NEP single This is the stock set of op-amps that ships with EE Minimax Plus DAC, and they are probably a well-reasoned, affordable choice since they sound quite likable with a smooth, rich, warm sound that will nudge some "digital" sounding CD's into the ee minimax dac plus of analogue, vinyl type of tonality and naturalness with plenty of "chest" in male vocals like Leonard Cohen.

These are not the highest-resolution op-amps, but since the Sabre DAC's tend to have plenty of detail resolution, the overall level of resolution is still ee minimax dac plus, and if the DAC owner is not the tweaking, DIY type, he could easily stop right here and be happy. It is easy to dismiss these early on as "cheap stock" op-amps and not really give them the proper audition, which would be a mistake. Website comments : Eastern Electric's own is very limited.

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Bill O'Connell's is far better and the one linked to below. Human interactions: Prompt. Portishead now playing, just to see exactly what I have been missing all of these years!!!

I will tube roll as soon as my friend lends me a selection of his spare 12 AU 7's, Anyone got any advice? I recommend opamp roll first!!! Hi Have the EE Ee minimax dac plus plus too.

Eastern Electric MiniMax DAC Junior and MiniMax DAC Supreme

He neither rips nor streams. He recently decided to change his gears and purchased Pass xa He ee minimax dac plus hook up his tuner though. I know you have reviewed Ayon 5s and PS perfectwave dac in the past and liked the both. He is 60 years old and just a music lover. This system will be his system for the next 20 years. Your help will be greatly, greatly and greatly appreciated!

Eastern Electric Minimax Tube DAC review (ESS9018)

Thank you very much…. With each ee minimax dac plus the others costing twice and then twice again as much, diminishing returns already begin past the EE. Beyond that, they become a whole lot more committed and also require a highly resolved system to still matter. On that, my initial plans wanted to mate the MiniMax with a system strategically cut down to its own size. Many Thanks. You will need USB to make use of high-resolution files.

In fact, the solid state stage came across as slightly more pure and transparent ee minimax dac plus my system, but the preference could easily run the other way for systems with less tubes. Without going into excruciating detail about various tubes, I will mention a few. The often-recommended Psvane 12AU7 was indeed cleaner and clearer, although the degree of change was not huge by any means.

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xerox workcentre pro wia scannerEastern Electric MiniMax DAC mods

Raytheon brought its usual refinement, balance, and clarity, proving once again its well-deserved reputation. Maybe there is another solution? See link 4 below. Hope all is going well for you. This missive comes from a longtime reader and fan of your columns.As I first acclimatized myself to the Eastern Electric Tube DAC Plus, the update for Eastern Electric in the U.S., sent the latest version of the Minimax DAC, now. We are pleased to announce the launch of the new Eastern Electric MiniMax DAC Plus. ee minimax dac plus

It is the supreme upgrade version of the awarding winning Mini Max.

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