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What are the implications for our meta…. If you are running JADE on a bit machine under Windows in bit mode and you are configuring a bit tool, run the following program:. This runs the bit version of the Microsoft Data Source Administrator program rather jade odbc the bit version.

If it is important to you then the best way would be to add a DBD::ODBC connect attribute which either ignores HYC errors or disables all calls to set the commit attribute the latter is probably better. Thank jade odbc for your replies your clarity helped. Thursday, October 11, PM.

This method can be reimplemented as required; for example, to re-establish application state for the user executing the query. This method can be reimplemented as required; for example, to clean up any transient objects left from the execution of the query. Peter 1, jade odbc 2 gold badges 24 24 silver badges 38 38 bronze badges. Andrei Mihailevski Andrei Mihailevski 6 2 2 bronze badges. In the Keywords list box, the All Upper option is selected by default and specifies that only reserved words or keywords that are all uppercase characters are recognized; that is, they adhere to the ODBC standard and minimize reserved word conflicts with your user table or column names.

JADE ODBC Thin Client Driver

Select the Jade odbc Upper option if you want all ODBC reserved words converted to an initial capital letter so that words such as Like which is used by some applications are then recognized. More DF agents can be created by application programmers to divide a platform into many Agent Domains. The first method retums a proxy reference representing the first entry in the virtual collection. For ordered collections such as dictionaries and arrays the proxy will represent the first row selected as determined by the 'ORDER BY' clause.

The includes method retums true if the virtual collection or result set contains the specified object. This method will result in a key equal query based on the attributes which comprise the primary keys of the proxy. ExtemalCollection: jade odbc last : MemberType; The last method retums a proxy reference representing the last entry in the virtual collection. For ordered collections such as dictionaries and arrays the proxy will represent the last row selected as determined by the 'ORDER BY' clause.


The SQL query used to retrieve the last jade odbc will be constructed to jade odbc the optimiser the opportunity to perform a singleton select. The size method retums the number of entries in the virtual collection.

Connect to Jade database using ODBC? : DbVis Software

This method will result in an SQL query that will actually count the rows in the selected tables mapped to the proxy class. This method should therefore be used with caution if there are expected to large number of rows in the result- set. Call this method jade odbc determine whether instances of jade odbc member-type of the collection can be created.


This method will retum false if either the data- source is read-only or the class of the collection members is read-only. An external class will be read-only if it is based on jade odbc relational view or join query defined jade odbc the Extemal database wizard.

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An extemal array is an ordered virtual collection which represents the rows in a result set generated from an SQL query containing a sort specification i. The bracket [ j subscript operators may be used to access rows at a specified position in the result-set, for example to access the nth transaction in an extemal array called transactions, you may do the jade odbc.

The at method retums the entry in the virtual array at the position specified by the index parameter.As the JADE ODBC driver is invoked by third-party applications, it is unlikely that your current working directory will identify the path for the JADE libraries. The JADE ODBC drivers are installed as part of the JADE installation jade odbc. The following subsections explain how to configure a JADE ODBC driver.

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