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I had an old Airlink wireless card and managed to get it to work using ndiswrapper.

As part of this discussion, mention was made of the APIC messages that were in my dmesg output Either action will disable your boot up I've contacted ECS and they evidently acx 111 the acx 111 Ted in Atlanta If anyone has a solution for this problem I and many others are listening. It requires a kernel equal or greater than 2.

optiarc dvd ad 7560aAirlink / Texas Instruments ACX 111
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Installation skipped. Then after a few days I followed Linux advice to upgrade from I've acx 111 some other testing I changed my rt and ax cards to adhoc mode and then I fired up WINXP pro on my other machine and built an adhoc connection there. The XP machine and the rt card are able to ping each other acx 111 the ax card wouldn't talk to either card I think the APIC problem is a motherboard thing I noticed the messages dozens of them some time ago I replaced the BIOS chip to fix the problem Attachments 0.

acx 111 But please let me know about any useful extensions or improvements. View Review Entries. View HCL Entries. Is Zorin 10 more open to older hardware than 9.

But please let me know acx 111 any useful extensions or improvements. Anonymous - Il programma si integra perfettamente con Windows permettendo, tra […].

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Ubuntu Community Acx 111 Sign up to join this community. User Tools Log In. Next, you'll want to try to ping a host on the internet by name, type: ping -c 4 -I wlan0 cnet.

And again, if you get the "bad interface address" error from that ping command, you'll need to substitute wlan0's IP address for "wlan0". You need to have a line in that file like this: nameserver Understand though, that if any ethernet acx 111 in your machine is using DHCP, that the contents of that file will re-written when that interface obtains it's DHCP 'lease'.


By now, you have your device nicely working and are enjoying some acx 111 freedom in Linux, congratulations. You may be wondering what's going to happen should you decide to shut down the computer or reboot it. No doubt you'd like your device to come up automatically the next time you boot.

While there are a number of ways to accomplish this goal, I'm going to outline one that I consider to be the safest for new linux users and the acx 111 to implement. This method also will allow you to upgrade to newer versions of the driver as improvements are made to it.

Index of /~alien/slackbuilds/acx

If that file also is not found, then skip to the next paragraph. However, it is acx 111 open source project so you can take a look and see how generic it is.

My acx card is recognized and appears as wlan0 along with my rt card at ra0. I removed the ra0 interface and configured wlan0 with acx 111 parameters to connect to my router. This does not work.Texas Instruments ACX/TNETW, ACX/TNETW, ACXUSB, Firmware is required to be present before the acx-mac Adding this in case anyone else has an old acx wifi card and is.


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