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Use the CLI commands described in the steps below to set the IP address for the network port on each. Even if Online Update is supported.

Oracle DBA by Example. Code samples, Scripts, Reference.: Storage - HP CLI commands by example

I have had many Issus by Updating and always shut down all Systems, if in Production. Network ports on controller module A and controller module B are configured with the following default. I have done a bit of msa p2000 g3 cli on the internet and found some information relating to restarting the management console on each controller separately. HP assumes that you are qualified msa p2000 g3 cli servicing and installing computer equipment, and are trained in recognizing hazards in products and hazardous energy levels. Install equipment in the rack Step 2. Suppresses the confirmation prompt, which requires a yes or no response.

Show Configuration - Hp P G3 Cli Reference Manual [Page ]

Specifying this parameter msa p2000 g3 cli the command to proceed without user interaction. Names are case sensitive. Example Delete user jsmith: delete user jsmith Are you sure you want to delete user jsmith? Unmaps and deletes all volumes and snapshots in the vdisks and disassociates all disks assigned to the vdisks.

HPE P2000 G3 MSA Array Systems - Connecting to the controller CLI port

Syntax delete vdisks [prompt yes no] vdisks Parameters prompt yes no Optional. If this parameter is omitted, you must manually reply to the prompt.

VD2 Success: Command completed successfully. Do you want to continue? Info: Vdisk VD3 was deleted.

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VD3 Success: Command completed successfully. Syntax delete vdisk-spare disks disks vdisk Parameters disks disks IDs of the spares to delete.


Example Delete spare disk 1. Syntax delete volumes volumes Parameters volumes Names or serial numbers of the volumes to delete. V1 Info: Volume V2 was deleted.

HP MSA P2000 G3 – View live performance statistics in CLI

V2 Success: Command completed successfully. The dequarantine command should only be used as part of the emergency procedure to attempt to recover data and is normally followed by use of the CLI trust command. If a vdisk is manually dequarantined and does not have enough disks to msa p2000 g3 cli operation, its status will change to OFFL and its data may or may not be recoverable through use of the trust command.

Also, see the help for the trust command. For example, a disk RAID vdisk can remain online critical with 8 inaccessible disks if one disk per mirror is inaccessible. Quarantine will not occur if a known-failed msa p2000 g3 cli becomes inaccessible or if a disk becomes inaccessible after failover or recovery.

If quarantine occurs because of an inaccessible disk, event is logged. If quarantine occurs to prevent writing invalid data, event is logged. This may happen because a disk is slow to spin up or because an msa p2000 g3 cli is not powered up.


Quarantine isolates the vdisk from host access and prevents the system from changing the vdisk status to OFFL offline. The vdisk is fault tolerant but degraded.


If the inaccessible disks come online msa p2000 g3 cli if after 60 seconds from being quarantined the vdisk is QTCR or QTDN, the vdisk is automatically dequarantined. For example, if the quarantined vdisk contains the snap pool used msa p2000 g3 cli snapshot, volume-copy, or replication operations, quarantine may temporarily cause the associated master volume to go offline; a volume-copy or replication operation can also be disrupted if an associated volume snap pool, source volume, or destination volume goes offline.

Depending on the operation, the length of the outage, and the settings associated with the operation, the operation may automatically resume when the msa p2000 g3 cli is dequarantined or may require manual intervention. A vdisk can remain quarantined indefinitely without risk of data loss.

When a vdisk is dequarantined, event is logged. A quarantined vdisk can be fully recovered if the inaccessible disks are restored.The only warranties for HP products and services are set forth in the express warranty statements accompanying such products and msa p2000 g3 cli. Nothing herein. HP P G3 MSA System CLI Reference Guide.

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