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OldAM. Where a multichannel video programming distributor retransmits unencrypted digital terrestrial broadcast content in unencrypted form, such distributor shall, upon demodulation:.

Where a multichannel video programming distributor retransmits unencrypted digital terrestrial broadcast content that is not marked with the broadcast flag, the multichannel video programming distributor shall not encode such content to restrict its redistribution. The most important part is that which I bolded, above, in subparagraph d. Essentially, if the local broadcast isn't marked with the Broadcast Flag, then the cable equipment can't encrypt it. The flipside is that dct 6200 firewire the local broadcast does contain the Broadcast Flag, then the cable equipment must pass it on through the Firewire output.

There are two possible scenarios that can then arise if the Broadcast Flag is present: 1 The cable provider is retransmitting the local broadcast in encrypted form, or 2 the cable provider is retransmitting the local broadcast in unencrypted form. Originally Posted by johnyc.

Motorola DCT6200 (HD Receiver)

Originally Posted by dct 6200 firewire. I doubt it. There are very few people getting a decent firewire output out of a major Canadian cable co's Rogers, Shaw, Videotron STB - it often doesn't work consistently and even when it does many of the channels may not be recordable due to 5C restrictions.


Similar Threads. Getting firewire going with 6. Controlling Motorola DCT via firewire revisted. HDTV support, Place your votes! Just got a dct and read a few older posts about doing firewire capture and was wondering if it can still be done with this older model or if shaw here dct 6200 firewire vancouver island disabled it or added encryption. If it still can be done i'll buy a firewire card and give it a try. I will not detail these steps but will provide the references that I used to get this up and running with WinXP. Unfortunately, my P2P connections are definitely not working correctly. Cart is empty.

Can this be used to dump perviously recorded material from the DVR? Also, does this include HD material? Channel change using ch. Recording and Dct 6200 firewire viewing. I don't have any premium channels, but all others tested work.

Bumpy Finklestien. Screwed with this for days to no avail.

ExDeus STB Firewire Driver Package

All non premium or Pay for view channels until last spring. Now only digital channels Then, without warning, it became sporadic.

It seems that they introduced a firmware update I don't remember the version number that broke it for me. After that point, all analog channels could dct 6200 firewire be accessed if I first changed the channels with a remote. Samsung BD-JR.

HD-PVR Out of Any Firewire-Equipped Apple Mac

Philips HTS The first order of business is to determine whether or not the firewire output on the Motorola DCT cable box is active or blocked. Double-click the "UninstallServices. If you want to be very thorough, remove all oemXX. Delete all oemXX. I have made this driver package available because I dct 6200 firewire to update it frequently as devices change.


If the other driver packages were updated more frequently, you wouldn't need to download this one. Moore drivers.

In general: yes. Launching Visual Studio This is a compatibility list for using Firewire with Mythtv. 5/19/07, Josh, Comcast, DCT, Chicago, IL, Broadcast channels + CSPAN.


ch is a small program that Stacey Son wrote to change channels on a Motorola DCT cable box via a (aka. Firewire) connection.

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