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It doesn't realy make a difference freedos scsi put the turning point on or or so. Having done so should make it possible to install an old DOS. Raffzahn Raffzahn It depends on what you need. Wine is a different thing, of course. They don't aim to run DOS programs on Linux, for example. A lot of us are just really into programming, and we like working on DOS because it's a great little system that people still use for things. You need a vacation from anything, really.

But for me, "taking a break" is really not paying attention to email for a week, then I usually get freedos scsi back into things. If you choose to use many-other-drivers. The many-other-drivers.

Ms dos - Can DOS boot to a hard drive other than HDA1? - Retrocomputing Stack Exchange

Freedos scsi first parameter should be a hexadecimal value from 0x60 through 0x66, 0x68 through 0x6F, or 0x78 through 0x7E. So I'm following AndrejaKo's advice here.


Rather, I get this:. Does anyone know what this means? Let us know!

There should be instructions in the freedos scsi archive when you find the right one for your chip. You need to figure out freedos scsi chip the card uses to figure out which driver you need.

Oh good grief. Freedos scsi doesn't have the code or capability to mess with disk partitions. That would save the trouble of creating a new blade.

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The controller is an ultra 3 scsi controller. Yours is much much newer. Freedos scsi the data from your old hard drive to a new, higher- capacity drive can take hours and hours On systems with a CSM, you need to go into your firmware setup, select legacy mode SATA support, and enable the CSM if necessary the option to do this depends on your specific firmware; there might not even be an option, some systems load the CSM automatically if they find an MBR-partitioned disk. Freedos scsi comes the disk format.

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kbs-28muWhat about scsi???
dimension e310 soundBeyond FreeDOS 1.0

If you have an empty disk, the best way to proceed is to boot DOS and let it set the disk up; this will ensure that it uses the disk layout freedos scsi expects, and writes all the information it needs to the partition table. No need because of the integrated eltorito. I have the same SCSI driver. Rather, I get this:. Does anyone know what this means? AND other CD work fine on my machine Here a drive can be selected or a sequence thereof. It's fine to put up freedos scsi SATA drive here for booting.


freedos scsi Like in the good old days of floppies, the BIOS will try to read the freedos scsi sector and start any program found. It has detected three hard disk drivesone of them the second is a Seagate Technology model for which it is designed.

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You can help us fix remaining FreeDOS bugs.I have a freedos scsi scsi hard drive connect to an LSI Logic low profile scsi. a floppy disk.

Are there scsi drivers I can add to the disk?. Hi, I discovered FreeDOS yesterday.

I downloaded both the ISO and freedos scsi floppy images. I'm trying to install it on an old system with virgin SCSI disks (recently.

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