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Windows 7 - Mirror drivers don't support Aero effects - Super User

Shinrai Shinrai This should not be, however, LogMeIn Uses a mirror driver as well and will only disable while it is connected. Apr 30 '12 at Landesk disable mirror strikes me as a bug, or an unexpected interaction, or just poorly written software.

Konstantine Thackery Konstantine Thackery 31 2 2 bronze badges. BloodyIron BloodyIron 1, landesk disable mirror 12 silver badges 21 21 bronze badges. By the way, where have you downloaded 1.

It should not longer be available to download. But we have failed to get RC to work. So suggestion what needs to be done are highly appreciated. I would like to have a landesk disable mirror task available that would allow me to disable the permission required prompt when using remote control. I would also like to have a task enable it also. I have done this in the past but cannot remember how to accomplish this. Due to a database issue we were advised to create a new database by support, as our core server was out of warranty we opted to build a new core instead.

On the new core I copied the certificates in from the old core after the setup process had finished. I created a new agent configuration which included both certificates existing and new and used the old core to push the agents to the target machines. The machines now appear in the inventory of the new core, however when I try and remote control I get the permission denied error message with the prompt for credentials. I read on a post that there is a patch to fix an issue with the Mirror driver which breaks Aero in Windows 7 after you remote control to a desktop. I also read you have to open a trouble ticket to recieve the patch. Just that easy, eh? I'll give it a try and reply tomorrow.

Thanks gentlemen! Administrative rights.

landesk disable mirror Open the Programs and Features. I'm not a network guy by any means, but our network landesk disable mirror designed to use the full octet range in certain areas, so an IP address could actually end in. With that being said, sometimes when Help Desk personnel try to connect to one of these devices, they see a message stating the device they are trying to connect to does not match database records. They can click yes to continue and the can connect just fine.

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This has only been brought to my attention once, and the user is fully aware she can tell the Help Desk to just click yes anyway. Sometimes, the Help Desk will refuse to continue because they don't not know for certain if they connecting to the correct machine, and in our environment some machines may be displaying confidential information they shouldn't be seeing, so they err on the side of caution and send us a ticket to investigate. Is the typical IP range of. Background :. Once some desktop computers which have installed agent can't access the core server in intranet, it will switch to gateway mode autumatically, It administrator can't remote control the client machine if the client machine is gateway mode, It administrator need to change the gateway mode to direct mode, then It administrator landesk disable mirror remote control this client machine in intranet.

Configuration steps:. Description: When trying to remote control the client machine, the menu is grayed out. You can go to the resolution below. The purpose of this document is to show how to trust a certificate so that when you are using the new HTML5 Remote Control you do not get the security warning.

We have also attached the certificate that is to be trusted. Landesk disable mirror Admins is the minimum group membership required to complete this procedure. By default, Management Suite logs remote control actions, including the device being remote controlled and the console doing the remote controlling. You can disable remote control logging if you want or purge remote control log entries older than a date you specify. The inventory scanner reads this file and stores the data in the core database.


If managed devices are using the "Windows NT security" remote control model, there are some additional steps you need to take to make sure that the remote control reports show the right information. With the "Windows NT security" model, both the remote control operator and managed devices must be members of the same Windows domain. You also need to make sure the domain accounts for all remote control operators are in the Remote control operators group in the Remote control agent configuration page. If you don't do this, the remote control report will show the local user as landesk disable mirror remote control operator, rather than the actual operator.The only way I've found to remove the mirror driver is either disabling it or or remove the mirror driver from all of our clients through LANDesk.

Please see doc: How to uninstall the Ivanti / LANDESK Agent for Windows for more Step 5: Check for the Remote Control Mirror Driver.


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