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HHP honeywell 4600g a reputation for products that are tough as nails and the g is no exception, and will provide years of service at a low cost.

Honeywell g Barcode Scanners, g - Barcode Discount

Product Specifications Dimensions mm honeywell 4600g 81 mm x mm 5. Page Working Orientation Video Reverse is used to allow the imager to read barcodes that are inverted.

If additional menuing is required, Video Reverse must be disabled to read the menu bar- codes and then re-enabled after menuing is completed. Page 72 3 - Determine the 2 digit Hex value from the Symbology Chart included in Appendix A for the symbology to which you want to apply the prefix or suffix. When you Clear One Prefix Suffixthe specific character you select is deleted from the symbology you want. When you Clear All Prefixes Suffixesall the prefixes or suffixes for a symbology are deleted. Charts of these function codes are provided in Supported Interface Keys starting on Page Intercharacter, Interfunction, And Intermessage Delays Intercharacter, Interfunction, and Intermessage Delays Some terminals drop information characters if data comes through too quickly.

Intercharacter, interfunction, and intermessage delays slow the transmission of data, increasing data integrity. Each delay is composed of a 5 millisecond step. You can program up to 99 steps of 5 ms each for a range of ms. Page Intermessage Delay Honeywell 4600g Delay An intermessage delay of up to milliseconds in 5 ms steps may be placed between each scan transmission.

Honeywell 4600G Handheld Barcode Scanner With USB Cable

Scan the Intermessage Delay barcode below, then scan the number of 5 millisecond stepsand the Save bar- code using the Programming Chart inside the back cover of this manual. For exam- ple, you can use the Data Format Editor to insert characters at honeywell 4600g points in barcode data as it is scanned. The selections in the following pages are used only if you wish to alter the output. Page Other Programming Selections Step 4. Code I.


Appendix A, find the symbology to which you want to apply the data format. Locate the Hex value for honeywell 4600g symbology and scan the 2 digit hex value from the manual. Step 5.

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Length Specify what length up to characters of data will be acceptable for this symbology. Page 84 ters to be replaced and xx through zz and zz E5 Terminates character replacement. If characters are not equal, no format match. Scan honeywell 4600g Terminal ID barcode below, then scan the numeric barcode s from the Programming Chart inside the back cover of It is best to use the Plug and Play barcodes, beginning on ning the terminal ID listed in this table. Page Keyboard Country Keyboard Country Scan the appropriate country code below to program the keyboard for your country.

Please refer to the Honeywell website www. If you need to program a keyboard for a country other than one listed above, scan the Pro- gram Keyboard Country barcode below, then scan the numeric barcode s for the appropriate country from honeywell 4600g inside honeywell 4600g cover, then the Save barcode.

Page 40 support all keyboard country codes. New users should use the Windows mode.

The host terminal honeywell 4600g be set for the same baud rate as the imager. Page Rs Receiver Time-out Parity provides a means of checking character bit patterns for validity. Page Rs Handshaking receiver time-out by scanning the barcode below, then scanning digits from the inside back cover of this manual, then scanning Save.

The range is 0 to seconds. RS Handshaking RS Handshaking allows control of data transmission from the Imager using software commands from the host device. Page Wand Emulation In Wand Emulation mode, the imager decodes the barcode then sends data in the same format as a wand imager. The Code 39 Format converts all symbolo- gies to Code Honeywell 4600g TTL RS, USB, Keyboard wedge, IBMand Wand Emulation / Black / Green LED. Keyboard wedge kit with PS/2 cable, Standard Range Area Imager and user guide.

Honeywell Productivity and Workflow Solutions

General Purpose 2D Image Scanner, TTL, RS, USB, Keyboard wedge, Black/Green LED and RoHS. This product honeywell 4600g been retired.


Please contact your Honeywell Scanning & Mobility sales representative to discuss replacement products.

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