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For this reason, in order to answer a videophone call, the following steps are suggested: Assign MSN numbers MSN service to the data port, so as to prevent a PC connected to netmod port from answering a videophone call. In case of an incoming videophone call, the call must have a called party number different from the MSN number assigned to the data port. Assign MSN numbers forcing netmod to compare the called party subscriber number that follows an incoming call, with the Intracom netmod v 1.00 numbers of each port.

After this comparison the call will intracom netmod v 1.00 driven to the analogue port, or the data port whose MSN number is identical to the called party number of the call. If the called party number is not identical to any of the MSN numbers assigned to the analogue ports or the data ports, it will be driven to the S-bus transparently.


When a videophone device is connected to intracom netmod v 1.00 S-bus, it is suggested to program MSN numbers on the videophone device netmod does not program MSN numbers on the S- bus. In case of an incoming videophone call, the call will be transparently driven to the S- bus, because when a port has no assigned MSN numbers, it accepts all the calls. The videophone will then compare the called party number of the incoming call with the programmed MSN intracom netmod v 1.00.

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If the called party number is identical to an MSN number, the videophone will accept the call. An audio tone is generated when this service is active and can interrupt the intracom netmod v 1.00 of a FAX or the connection of an analogue modem.

Drivers >>> Intracom NetMod V 1.00 driver

In this case the incoming calls from the FAX or the analogue modem, must have called party numbers identical to one MSN number of the port, to which the FAX or intracom netmod v 1.00 analogue modem is connected. Assigning Intracom netmod v 1.00 numbers prevents the devices from answering a call that does not refer to them. In case of an incoming call from an ISDN modem, the call should have a called party number identical to the one of the MSN numbers assigned to the data port. When the analogue or the data ports have no MSN numbers assigned, they accept any call netmod does not make any comparison of numbers.


When the device connected to the S-bus has no MSN numbers assigned on its memory, it accepts any call. The window will disappear when the procedure is completed. Windows will detect your new hardware and the installation will be intracom netmod v 1.00 in a few seconds.

Netmod user's manual - PDF

For all latest news, manuals, drivers versions etc, consult our special Helpdesk Configuration and installation instructions for other operating systems can be found in the netmod CD-ROM and in our Helpdesk For the correct installation of the USB driver, please follow exactly the previous described procedure. By double clicking or simple right-clicking and selecting Settings on this icon the netmod configuration application window will appear on your screen. The relevant application functions are described in the intracom netmod v 1.00.


In order to activate the settings press on OK, otherwise press Cancel. By moving the cursor over the nmtsk icon, a text box will appear on your screen informing you about the current status of intracom netmod v 1.00 B-channels. Fully compatible with the standard CAPI 2.

Support and serial connection specifically for netmod use. RVS-COM Lite is an additional software package for netmod but is provided only upon request of the telephone service provider.

Isdn Intracom Netmod Driver Ote

Intracom netmod v 1.00, it may not be available in all countries. Normally this shouldnt be essential. If you are experiencing problems with speech adjust the PMTU size. Smaller values may increase speech quality over slow or congested links. Click Refresh to refresh the displayed information or click Clear to clear the Log.

NetFasteR IAD 2 English user manual Wireless Lan Computer Network

The Universal Plug and Play architecture offers pervasive peer-to-peer network connectivity of PCs of all form factors, intelligent appliances, and wireless devices. UPnP enables seamless proximity network in addition to control and data transfer intracom netmod v 1.00 networked devices in the office, home and everywhere within your network. Zero configuration capabilities for applications and hardware. This QoS function allows users to classify traffic of applications and provides them with differentiated services Diffserv.

In this screen up to 16 rules can be defined to classify traffic into Diffserv forwarding groups and outgoing VCs. In this screen you can intracom netmod v 1.00 the WAN outbound traffic statistics of all the Diffserv forwarding groups in the last 12 hours automatically updated every 5 min.

Enable this function and plug-in your USB device to share it with other people in a network. Create a shared folder by specifying the device and directory path you want to share. Specify the different passwords and security levels for different user profiles.This page provides full instructions on the netMod USB software driver update Attention in case the computer had a previous version of netMod intracom netmod v 1.00, then. INTRACOM NETMOD V DRIVER - This service is implemented by means of FSK signalling on netmod s analogue ports.

Be sure that you have correctly.

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