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You can also search or browse our website by category above. Apogee mini me you have any questions, please feel free to contact us for more information. Be the first to review this product. I don't know what converters you use, but if you use the digiget the mini-me and start saving for another preamp later down the line. The compressor in the mini-me is on some occasions pretty cool.

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  • Apogee Mini Me 2 ch. mic pre/limiter/converter -USB
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  • Apogee Mini-Me

But atleast your sound will much better when you go thru a better converter and clock. Your mixes will improve more with the mini-me than with the UA. Will the minme actually improve the mix at the processing stage too? Like when it bounces apogee mini me Pro Tools?

USB version Professional pres and conversion. This converter rocks! We successfully tested the Mini-Me in OS 9.


Apogee is working on a driver that will enable full input and output capabilities it should be available by the time you read this. Thanks to a tip by brianp, I'm using the accessory pouch on my sonicase. Been through numerous bags trying to find one I like with this sucker. I've been using the actual Apogee case. OMG fixed! The signal was kept to about -6 dB, even as I added enough apogee mini me to pick up room hum at about dB, then made plenty of noise on top.

Specifications - Apogee Mini-Me Owner's Manual [Page 26]

The four-stage level LEDs were accurate signal indicators and checked apogee mini me well with my software. It's small, light, sounds excellent and isn't too pricey, yet it retains the same high-quality UV22 converters found in Apogee's legendary, more expensive pieces. A few things that I feel are apogee mini me include analog stereo outputs other than the headphonesperhaps on RCA jacks.


Nonetheless, the Mini-Me works as a computer interface, the front end of even the highest-quality 96kHz recording systems or as a master clock for digital audio chains, making this unit a strong anchor for any digital-audio system. Excellent mic preamps. Usable soft-limit and compression presets. Filtered by:. Previous 1 2 apogee mini me Next. Apogee Mini-MeAM. Anybody have experience with this?

Any experience with this? The system works extremely well, and many engineers use it deliberately as a creative element during recording, simulating in some ways the saturation effects of magnetic tape recorders. The Push-It compressor is an extension to apogee mini me soft-limiter, and does much as its name implies — it introduces a bootstrap compressor to help to lift quieter input signals, while also providing protection against digital overloads. There are three curves, set at the factory to provide varying degrees of compression, although the first curve is essentially a soft-knee limiter with a threshold set to about dBFS.

Curve two has a ratio of about 1.

Fixing an Apogee Mini-Me

However, curves two and three can be adjusted by the user for slopes anywhere between and Curve two has the fastest attack and release times although both are programme adaptive and is intended for use with percussive signals, while curve three features slower attack and release times and is intended for apogee mini me and instrumental sources. The third purple control is a way rotary switch used to select the A-D sample rate. For apogee mini me standard rates of Hi Don, thanks for your reply.

The question is, does the sample rate conversion of the apollo take care of syncing the external SPDIF device, our does it just sample rate conversion, and what if the external device can't be synced externally?Apogee Mini-Me preamp and A-D/D-A converter. Photo: Mike CameronApogee have enjoyed a long association with high-quality digital audio, stretching back. Technology within the Apogee mini me may be covered by one or more patents that are The Apogee Mini•Me is a computer-based device, and as such contains and. apogee mini me

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