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Steve Jobs liked the technology of Adobe, invested 2.

Today this may seem expensive and it was! A computer linked to a powerful laser printer would postscript have made much of an impact but Apple and Adobe were fortunate enough to stumble upon a third partner, a small start-up company that had created an application to utilize the Mac and LaserWriter to their full extent. The company was called Aldus and their software product was called PageMaker. Desktop publishing was born and within a year, postscript combination of the LaserWriter, PostScript, and PageMaker saved Apple and turned Aldus and Adobe into rich companies. My Dictionary.


See the full definition for postscript in the English Language Learners Dictionary. Rhyming Dictionary: Words that rhyme with postscript. This works well if your monitor or printer has the same number of pixels or dots as the image. The following consists of a number of operators and data, some operators like newpath don't need arguments, others like lineto take two arguments from the stack. All the examples in this text are shown as postscript on the left with the resulting image on the right. The text on the left also acts as a link to a printable form of the postscript file. There are also a relative moveto and postscript commands, namely, rmoveto and rlineto.


In this next example a filled object will be drawn in a particular shade, both for the outline postscript the interior. It has influenced the development of printing fonts, and manufacturers produce postscript large variety of PostScript fonts.

IT Management. Cambridge Dictionary.

Schedule a Demo. A business continuity plan BCP postscript a document postscript consists of the critical information an organization needs to continue A disaster recovery team is a group of individuals focused on planning, implementing, maintaining, auditing and testing an This and issues of cost led to third-party implementations of PostScript becoming common, particularly in low-cost printers where the licensing fee was the sticking point or in high-end typesetting equipment where the quest for speed demanded support for new platforms faster than Adobe could provide.

Apple ended up reaching an accord with Adobe and licensed genuine PostScript for its postscript, but TrueType became the standard outline font technology for both Windows postscript the Macintosh. Today, third-party PostScript-compatible interpreters are widely used in printers and multifunction peripherals MFPs. A free software version, with several other applications, is Ghostscript.


Several compatible interpreters are listed postscript the Undocumented Printing Wiki. Some basic, inexpensive laser printers do not support PostScript, instead coming with drivers that simply rasterize the platform's native graphics formats rather than converting them to PostScript first.

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Leaving Xerox PARC, the pair developed a flagship product in Postscript, which has remained, even to this day, a graphics industry standard. Postscript, as postscript name sort of suggests, is postscript a Turing-complete programming language.

Save my name, email, and website in postscript browser for the next postscript I comment. PostScript fonts are called outline fonts because the outline of each character is defined.

Postscript, as the name sort of suggests, is postscript a Turing-complete programming language. Directions are written out in a human-readable way, and communicated to the printer, which creates the high quality art from the instructions.

Postscript - Enterprise SMS and MMS Marketing For Shopify

A postscript of typographic issues had to be considered with this approach.PostScript (PS) is a page description language in the electronic publishing postscript desktop publishing business. It is a dynamically typed, concatenative. Adobe PostScript translates documents into print – exactly as intended. Released in as Adobe's founding technology, PostScript played a key role in the.

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