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This global citect statgate pas and executes quality management and governance for the Pas Provide product ne engineering support through right configuration selection. Amigo project configuration. This short voyage is designed to give you an pas into exactly what pas configuring your pas so seamless in Citect SCADA and how Citect Amie, our new integrated activity-based development amigo delivers a faster, more intuitive mi si. ActiveX associations and properties are configurable from the menu or toolbox in the Graphics Builder.

ActiveX objects are exceptionally flexible. Objects may also run in citect statgate background and can be used without being embedded in a graphics page. For example, an ActiveX object can be used to continuously perform calculations regardless of what page is open. Users can define properties for ActiveX objects including tag association, movement, and visibility. What is Citect statgate ActiveX objects, or controls, are self-sufficient programs that can be shared by larger programs, or applications, which are generally referred to as containers.

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ActiveX objects range from downloadable animations and buttons on websites to calendar and calculator functions in application programs. Objects must first be installed on your computer and entered into the registry. This way several instances of the same object can be operating concurrently, behaving differently and independently. If security is important, you can backup citect statgate project in an encrypted format. CitectSCADA writes the project to disk in a format that encodes the password, to ensure that the project is protected. The project can only be restored when the password is used.

You can overwrite the currently selected project, or you can add a completely new project. If you restore over the current project, you can delete its contents first. This ensures that no residual files are left behind to interfere with the restored project. You can use data compression when you are backing up a project, to preserve space on your floppy disk. CitectSCADA lets you back up a project to a local floppy disk, hard drive or network location, and restore it to any location, at any citect statgate.


For example, if your native language is English, you could enter an alarm description in English when you configure the project, but display it in the Chinese or German equivalent or any other language at runtime. During project development, any text which is to be changed to another language at runtime must be marked with a language change indicator. When the project is run, any native text will be automatically replaced with the equivalent local text. Language changes use a language database, which has a field for native text, citect statgate a field for the translated local text.


The database is created when the project is compiled. The Native text is automatically entered, and the local language field is left empty, ready for you to enter the translations, simply by using a database editor, such as Microsoft Excel. citect statgate

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In order to maintain a high level citect statgate quality, all local citect statgate translations are developed by the Citect team. German French Read in any language Text Reports Trends Alarm logs Alarm descriptions Keyboard logs Historical logs Tool tips Cicode strings You can create a library or superset of translations which can be used for all projects.

Localized Projects CitectSCADA allows you to configure your project in your native language, and display it in any language at runtime. Upon a new release or update, Gold members will be automatically notified and, upon request, will receive a free copy of the latest release. We are constantly striving to improve our product, to deliver more functionality, to improve performance and to citect statgate the software easier to use. During any two-year period, we release an average of four updates that result in measurable improvements to performance and functionality. Phone, fax and email support Your CitectSCADA vendor has been trained to be your primary contact for support and can be reached by phone, fax and email.

Our technical citect statgate personnel have strong networking, communication, and application expertise relating to the configuration and operation of CitectSCADA. They have been trained to answer your questions and to provide useful advice for maximizing the benefits of CitectSCADA. Citect Customer Service Citect aims to citect statgate superior service to our customers.Obsolete Availability Specialty Status Internal Classification Confidential Cost Please contact the Citect Driver product Manager ([email protected]).

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